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Accent ostinato
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Accent ostinato
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Accented Ostinato's
Accent ostinato?
yes just accenting can be classed as an ostinato
Try to play all your rock and funk grooves 
with a strong up beat accent on the hi hat
sometimes a rather tricky ostinato to pull off  (A)
To easy? Try this.....
Vinnie Coliuta adds this style of accenting quite often.
Hi hat ostinato(B) is used in the Sting track "SEVEN DAYS " the accents play over the bar line.

7 days


You could mess around with this type
of idea forever just seeing how far you can go
with out losing basic phrase.
Yes this will drive you nuts  : )
 Virgil Donati seems to cope quite well with similar patterns in broken sevens over normal kit rhythms .......O M G !!! ha.